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Phaser Editor is a multi-platform IDE to develop games based on the fast and popular Phaser framework. It is a commercial product made and supported by Arian Fornaris (boniatillo).

Phaser is a free and open source project developed by PhotonStorm, please support their project on Patreon.

The editor features Phaser v2.6.2

Lazer is the next generation of Phaser and a complete rewrite of the framework. Yet it is not complete but we plan to support it when it is ready.


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If you did a game or any other kind of project related to Phaser Editor and you like to share it, please contact with us.

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The Phaser Editor promise
To keep the editor updated with the last Phaser (and Lazer when it is ready) version. To respect the Phaser programming style. New commers to Phaser will find a great tool to learn Phaser too. To be friendly with the text editor of your choice.
Available for Windows and Linux
Phaser Editor is a re-branded Eclipse product and runs on Windows and Linux. Mac-OSX is going to be supported in a future.

Project Wizards
Create game projects based on the Phaser Examples, Phaser Coding Tips, Mechanic Asset Explorer and others templates.

Built-in HTTP Server
Run your game project in a built-in local server.

Improved JavaScript Editor
Provides Phaser and Browser API smart completions, in addition to source outline, refactorings, help tips and asset names completions and pre-visualization.

Assets Management
Assets are expressed in a Phaser standard manifest file by using a visual and friendly editor. To write the preload method of your game is not a tedious task anymore.

Game Level Editor
Supports sprites, buttons, tile sprites, texture atlas, spritesheet, images, property editor, help tooltips, sprite animations, alignment and order, cut-copy-paste, undo-redo, zoom in-out, pan. Readable code generation.

Chains, the advanced doc search tool
This is a great new way to search and discover the Phaser documentation and API use cases.

Texture Atlas Editor
Make texture maps with the advanced algorithm MaxRects. You can drag the images from the project explorer to the packer editor.

PNG Optimization
With a click you can optimize the PNG images of a file, folder or project.

Audio Sprites Editor
An editor to create and modify audio sprites. It is based on FFMpeg. The files are transcoded automatically to OGG, MP3 and WAV. This is an experimental feature.


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v1.2.1 August 31, 2016

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The source code of Phaser Editor is released under the MIT license.

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