As the name suggest, in this view you can visualize the different objects. The objects you can preview are the asset entries from the asset pack and media files.

Watch a demo video

The concept we follow with this Preview is that you can identify an object and get relevant information like names, dimensions, duration, etc...

To preview an object you can:

  • Drag it from the Asset Editor, Asset Explorer or Project Explorer and drop it into the view.
  • Select an object and press CTRL+ALT+V to open it in the Preview.
  • In the JavaScript editor, if you put the cursor on a string literal, press CTRL+ALT+V, the asset entry of the same name will be opened in the Preview. For example, if in the asset pack there is a sound entry with the name of "rumba", then from the JavaScript editor you open (in the Preview window) the audio if you press CTRL+ALT+V on a "rumba" string.

Note in the menu of the Preview there are the following options:

  • Open New Window: it opens a new Preview, so you can visualize many objects at the same time.
  • Refresh ( F5 ): update the content. This is useful when the object was changed by an external tool.
  • Clear: clean the window.